Thoughts on Cuba

I thought that the heightened energy of political events in Cuba as of July, 2021 was an anomalous event. This thought is a result of my years of indoctrination through United States propaganda, and my general lack of time spent in reading through the history of Cuba-US relations.

As of now, this is my understanding: New Years Day 1959 Fidel Castro and company overthrow the Batista regime; Batista flees to Portugal who is also then a totalitarian state ruled by Olivera Salazar's Estado Novo; Castro assumes power as the communist dictator, Eisenhower in the White House issues myriad embargo; Bay of Pigs was the US attempt to seize weapons from Cuba; the "Cuban Missile Crisis" was a US attempt to seize missiles from Cuba who apparently received said missiles from Soviet Russia; all the while, Castros Cuba begins a massive push for healthcare education laying ground for what is now the largest medical school in the world—The Latin American School of Medicine; As embargo continues, Cuba attempts to build a strong communist economy despite constant offense from the imperial United States; Cuba begins subsidizing doctors to other countries in returns for trade deals. Now Cuba has more doctors per capita than any other country, including the United States.

As of today, Cuba remains buckled under United States embargo severely limiting their ability to build a strong economy. The United States threatens other countries with trade penalties or sanctions if they do business with Cuba. Cubans revolt due to embargo, infrastructure failures. United States blames communism, Cuba blames restricted economy.

In the United States, and in Miami, the rhetoric of anti-communism is the usual basis for all attacks against Cuba. July 13, Miami mayor Francis Suarez calls to bomb Cuba.

Most criticisms of Cuba coming from the United States are baseless and ignorant. The United States government and its CIA are the most well-funded and technically organized imperialist-terrorist organization on the planet—protecting the interests (dollars) of the pro-US oligarch class.

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