Word of Crisis, Meanwhile...

Odd, to be here, writing in Texas at 1:38 am while my Lover soon wakes in Lisbon, and from Lebanon news makes its way onto my screen; tales of ongoing crisis, fuel shortages, etcetera. The sustained disaster of humanity is far too complex for one to ever remain consciously aware of its multitudes. Odd to sit comfortably in my privileges while people around the globe extinguish beneath some hand of darkness.

I'm sitting here, a tangled stream of information, an online website, a social media profile, a photograph. I'm forever becoming a newfound iteration of myself in each moment.

Cory and I spoke briefly, but we're both tired and have spent too much time talking today. We spoke about the American University of Beirut and the disaster at the Medical Center. He quickly looked through some news; I only read a statement the school published on instagram. I shared it. Cory said we should follow a Dr. Firas Abiad the director general of Rafik Hariri University Hospital, for more information.

Meanwhile, in the hours leading up to this news about Lebanon, I was contemplating strategies for my online behavior. And before that it was Concept Neutral brand design. At one point in life I felt my work in creative arenas was without purpose. This is changing. I can not save anyone today in Beirut, but I can continue wondering toward that beacon which signals me onward. 

My small actions can change life for the better, I do know.

And If I risk being a fool by believing such things, then I risk being a fool.

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