Politics, Again, and Starting a Saul Bellows Collection

This artist has reached a conclusion with politics that the working-class and impoverished share in common: politics are where small groups of phony people attempting to change life on behalf of every else. We should always praise good journalist or activists for maintaining a level of accountability and remembrance but otherwise we can't be bothered with what happens in politics. Life begins where politics ends.

That said, I've just picked up again a collection of non-fiction from Saul Bellows that I've kept unread for some time now: There is Simply Too Much To Think About. There are many bits of his writing that are already intriguing within the prologue, and I'm very much looking forward to learning from this man.

"Several millions of dollars were invested in vain by businessmen and politicians. If they could be quixotic, there was no reason why college students shouldn't be impractical too. And what was the most impractical of choices in somber, heavy, growling, lowbrow Chicago? Why, it was to be the representative of beauty, the interpreter of the human heart, the hero of ingenuity, playfulness, personal freedom, generosity and love. I cannot even now say that this was a bad sort of crackpot to be." [Prologue: Starting Out in Chicago. 1974-1975]

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